When we began in 1974, there was nothing here but some ancient fruit trees, antique farming equipment, acres of golden grass and of course, plenty of rocks.

Back then, our family consisted only of Greta and George and our four college-age and high school-age children, all sharing the same vision that someday, somehow, we were going to find a family ranch and plant a perfect vineyard.  Since that time, we’ve worked together on every aspect of ranch development from barn raising, surveying, rock removal, stake driving, vine planting, trellising, vine training and pruning. We are now a much larger family of 24, including five members of the 4th generation.  We call ourselves, “The Association”.  Our family gatherings always include meetings where family decisions are made and implemented.

With hard work, our family association now produces grapes and award-winning wines for your enjoyment.  Be part of our association by reading our stories about this beautiful Sonoma Valley  vineyard, fantastic history, our fantastic family, wonderful wine and the Terroir that brought it all together.


George and Greta MacLeod